Smart insulin developed in IIT Bhilai

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), diabetes is one of the leading causes of death and poses a global epidemic in the coming decades. All type 1 and advanced stage type 2 diabetes patients rely on the administration of insulin, a peptide hormone normally secreted in the pancreas and responsible for blood glucose metabolism. Daily inconvenient and painful subcutaneous injection remains the primary route of insulin delivery in such patients. Another major drawback of traditional insulin delivery is the increased risk of potentially fatal hypoglycemia due to premature action. To alleviate these issues, Dr. Suchetan Pal's group from the department of chemistry in collaboration with researchers at IISER Bhopal and Shiv Nadar University has developed glucose-responsive delivery of insulin for biocompatible hydrogels with programmable insulin release properties. This work is featured in the emerging investigator of 2022 issue of Journal of Materials Chemistry B published by the Royal Society of Chemistry. This issue gathers the very best work from materials chemists in the early stages of their independent careers.

Message From Director

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