Research Interest

  • Operator Theory
  • Matrix Analysis

  Academic Background

  Subjects Taught

  • IC152: Linear Algebra II
  • MA605: Operations Research
  • MA501: Linear Algebra


  Professional Experience

  • Assistant Professor: Indian Institute of Technology Bhilai, Department of Mathematics (April 2021 - ).
  • Scientist-'B': Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO) (August 2018 - March 2021).
  • Assistant Professor: Birla Institute of Technology Mesra, Ranchi, Department of Mathematics (January 2018 - August 2018).

  Awards and Accolades

  • Selected for INSPIRE Fellowship and Scholarship [781/2009]
  • Qualified CSIR-UGC NET-2015 (JRF) in Mathematics with AIR-47
  • Qualified GATE-2015 in Mathematics with AIR-33

 Selected Publications

Journal Publications
  • P. D. Srivastava, R. Birbonshi, A. Patra (2020) Criteria for the Absence of Point Spectrum on the Boundary of the Numerical Range of Tridiagonal Matrices., Proc. Nat. Acad. Sci. India Sect. A. 90, 245-250.
  • A. Patra, P. D. Srivastava (2019) Spectrum and fine spectrum of generalized lower triangular triple band matrices over the sequence space lp. DOI: 10.1080/03081087.2018.1561822, Linear Multilinear Algebra.
  • A. Patra, P. D. Srivastava (2018) Relative Perturbation Bounds for the Joint Spectrum of Commuting Tuples of Matrices. Bull. Aust. Math. Soc. 98(3), 414--421
  • A. Patra, P. D. Srivastava (2018) Relative Perturbation Bounds for Matrix Eigenvalues and Singular Values. Int. J. Appl. Comput. Math. 4(6), 138.
  • A. Patra, R. Birbonshi, P. D. Srivastava (2017) On some study of the fine spectra of triangular band matrices. Complex Anal. Oper. Theory., 13(3), 615--635.
  • Preprint: R. Birbonshi, A. Patra, P. D. Srivastava, On some study of the fine spectra of generalized difference operator ?a,b on lp.
Book Chapter
  1. R. Birbonshi, A. Patra, P. D. Srivastava (2017) Infinite Matrices Bounded on Weighted c0 Space. Communications in Computer and Information Science, 655, 331--338
  2. A. Patra, A. Shrivastava, R. Sharma P. D. Srivastava (2020) Unitary Equivalence of Quantum States in a Bipartite System. Springer series- Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing.<\b>

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