Orientation Program 2020 for BTech students

IIT Bhilai organised a four-day orientation program for its new batch of BTech students, from November 18 to 21. Keeping the COVID-19 advisories in mind, the orientation program along with the registration process was held entirely online.

The program was organised in such a way as to familiarize the students with the institute’s academic programs and facilities. The four days were packed with plenty of virtual interaction between incoming students, faculty members, and existing students of IIT Bhilai. Dedicated sessions gave students and their parents a chance to interact with the Director, the Deans of Student and Academic Affairs, CoSA President and faculty members from across departments.

While welcoming the students, the Director of IIT Bhilai, Prof Rajat Moona announced that following the protocol that education must not stall, the institute is now well-equipped to handle the ongoing COVID-19 crisis. At the same time, since the health and safety of students, faculty members, and staff are of the highest priority, education would continue online for the coming semester.

Students were told about the various attributes and functions of online education and how best to manage their courses from off-campus. Faculty members from all departments outlined the courses that were on offer, encouraging the students to take an active part in all the academic activities that the institute has in store. Students were also informed about their newly designed timetables and the students’ life at the institute.

This year, the orientation was all the more special since the new students had the chance to also interact with the pioneer batch of the institute who shared their fruitful experience at IIT Bhilai. Various icebreaking online activities such as Fun Quiz and Meme competitions were also organised by the student mentors so that freshers can better correspond among themselves and learn how to communicate with faculty members and senior students.

Message From Director

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