IIT Bhilai opens a new discipline in Data Science and Artificial Intelligence (DSAI) and proposes to start BTech program in DSAI in July 2020 admission

With the rise of Cloud Computing, Internet of Things, and Web 3.0, amount of data being produced and captured by computer systems and applications is ever increasing at an exponential rate. The era of Big data presents us with a great opportunity and challenge to develop the next generation technologies to store, manage, analyze, share and understand the huge volume of data that is generated in business.

IIT Bhilai would be offering a BTech program in DSAI starting from July 2020. The curriculum was finalized after detailed discussion and reviews from eminent researchers of India in this area namely, Prof. Sankar K Pal (ISI Kolkata), Prof. Sudeshna Sarkar (IIT KGP), Prof. Chiranjeevi Bhattacharya (IISC Bangalore) and Dr. Subrata Rakshit (Centre for Artificial Intelligence and Robotics, Bengaluru). The curriculum for the program is designed to provide adequate balance of fundamental/foundation, core, and elective courses. The fundamental courses will be focused on two broad areas that are prerequisite for the core courses related to Data Science viz. mathematical foundation like, Linear Algebra, Probability and Statistics, Optimization etc. and computer science and engineering like, Data Structure and Algorithms, Computer Networks, Cyber Security, etc. The core courses related to data science will involve subjects like Data Analytics and Visualization, Artificial Intelligence, Machine learning, Management of Large Data etc. The bucket of electives would comprise focused and state of art courses like Natural language processing, Deep learning, Image processing and analytics, Social Engineering Analytics etc.

Message From Director

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