Thermal and Fluid Engineering Laboratories

Thermal and fluid engineering lab consists of basic equipment to demonstrate the pipe losses, flow regimes, different modes of heat transfer. Beside students can also gain practical exposure on flow measuring devices, Pelton wheel, hydraulic system, refrigeration cycle, and heat exchanger.

Major Equipments:

  • Parallel & Counter flow heat exchange
  • Stefan Boltzmann Apparatus
  • Heat Pipe
  • Pin Fin Apparatus
  • Emissivity Apparatus
  • Composite wall Apparatus
  • Major & Minor Losses in pipe
  • Flow Measurement Devices
  • Hydraulic Trainer
  • Pelton turbine
  • Reynolds Apparatus
  • RAC Test Rig
  • Contact Angle Measurement System
  • High Speed Camera
  • IR Camera
  • Inverted Optical Microscope
  • Transient dynamometer with twin-cylinder CRDI CI Engine

Do It Yourself Lab DIY

DIY Lab consists of tabletop CNC machines and laser cutting machine. First-year students of all branches are taught about computer-numerical-controlled machines and corresponding codes. Students learn about basic machining processes like lathe, milling, and drilling with digital touch as they implement their own codes. Demonstration on laser cutting will enlighten the student about one of the versatile modern-day manufacturing tools.

Major Equipments:

  • Tabletop Reconfigurable CNC Machine
  • Laser Cutting & Engraving Machine
  • Silicon moulding setup
  • CNC Plotter

Digital Fabrication Lab DFAB

DFAB lab consists of fused deposition modeling technique based 3D printing machines. 3D printing is basically an additive manufacturing technique where layer-wise material is added to get the final shape. First 3D model of the object is drawn in 3D drawing software. The file is then converted to STL file from which actual model is manufactured. In the first year all the students are introduced to DFAB Lab to develop ideas on future of product development.

Major Equipments:

  • Polyjet 3D Printer
  • FDM Printers
  • 3D Scanner


In the workshop mechanical engineering students will be introduced to industrial-type CNC-turning and milling machines. They can learn about performing complex machining operations through the development of codes. Workshop also consists of a micromachining center, welding set up and wire-cut electro discharge machine (EDM). EDM is one type of nonconventional machining process where the tool does not touch the workpiece to remove the excess material.

Major Equipments:

  • CNC Horizontal Turning Centre
  • CNC Vertical Machining Centre
  • CNC Wire Cut EDM
  • High Speed Micro Machining Centre
  • Metal Inert Gas Welding Machine
  • Friction Stir Welding Machine
  • Piller drilling Machine (1HP)
  • Manual Arc Welding Machine

Metallographic Testing Lab

consists of universal testing machine (100kN), digital image correlation set up. Here student can gain hands on experience on material behaviour with application of load. They will learn methods to evaluate stress-strain relationship, fatigue properties etc.

Major Equipments:

  • Inverted Microscope
  • Stereo zoom Microscope
  • Scratch Tester
  • Servo-Hydraulic UTM
  • Diffused light polariscope
  • Digital Image Correlation
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