Shri Pravin Kumar Jain
(1937 – 2018)

Shri P. K. Jain was born in a small village in Haryana. He had his schooling in Delhi. After graduating from Delhi University, he completed his B.Tech(Hons) degree in Metallurgy from IIT Kharagpur and began his professional career at Bhilai Steel Plant. There he worked for years in Blooming and Billet Mill and then in Plate Mill. Over the years, his intelligence, combined with hard work fetched a great deal of recognition. Till today, he is remembered for his overall contribution to Bhilai Steel Plant.

He always wanted to serve the society in return for what he received. After his retirement, he built an Old age home in Faridabad called Vridhawas. Apart from taking care of the aged in this Vridhawas, stitching and computer training is imparted to the needy for free. Mr. Jain had great respect for the educated and always wished that all kids should be well educated.

Since he had spent the best part of his life in Bhilai, he was very happy when he came to know about IIT Bhilai and wanted to honor the meritorious students. Following his demise, to fulfil his wish, P. K. Jain Memorial Award is being started at IIT Bhilai which consists of a Cash Award of Rs. 50,000 along with a Medal. He is survived by his wife Smt Sharda Jain who is instrumental in setting up the award.

Message From Director

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