IIT Bhilai Fights Against Covid -19: Faculty Members Makes Novel Face Mask and Swab

In this war against novel corona virus (Covid-19), the IIT Bhilai promises to stand by our nation and to fight this war with our fellow citizen with its full capacity and perseverance. Under the abled guidance of director Prof. Rajat Moona, the researchers, faculty members and staffs of IIT Bhilai have dedicated themselves to develop novel technologies to help the medical doctors and the health care personnel. Despite its limited infrastructure and resources in transit campus, Mechanical Engineering Department of IIT Bhilai has designed a unique full face mask which is going to cover complete head instead of only mouth and nose. Therefore, this unique face mask can protect the users’ nose, mouth, eyes and ears also. The mask would be very much beneficial for the doctors and other health care personals who are actually fighting the war at frontline. If these personals got infected that would a huge cost to the society. Therefore, IIT Bhilai proposing the mask as an advanced protection gear for the medical personals. The mask is not a use and throw type mask. It can be washed in soap water after every 4 hours of use. Reusability is the biggest advantage of the mask and it can be prepared for reuse within 30 minute. As it is covering complete head, two N95 compatible filters are attached for sufficient air circulation. Provision is given so that hot and moist air can easily go out during exhale and fresh air can come in for inhale. Further, arrangement for attaching hazmat clothing with the mask will enhance its protection level while removing the mask. The 3D printed prototype has already been prepared at IIT Bhilai.

Besides this face mask, a first generation nasal test swab has been developed by IIT Bhilai. The swab is fabricated in-house using biocompatible material. It has been conceptualized and designed by the team of Mechanical Engineering Department and visioned by Prof. Rajat Moona, Director IIT Bhilai.

The assembly line production manual for Face Mask Shield is released here as is basis and is available for free download.

Message From Director

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