A good institute is the one that meets expectations of its diverse students. Faculty, peers, curriculum and infrastructure are some of the important constituents of an institute. IIT Bhilai has a very talented pool of faculty who are accessible in the classrooms as well as outside the classroom. IIT Bhilai follows a fractal system of academic courses. The fractal system of academics facilitates wider choices of electives for building breadth as well as depth, offers flexibility, fosters modern interdisciplinary education, and encourages research early in the program. The ever enthusiastic peers and seniors are there playing role of mentors in academic and non-academic life.

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IIT's curriculum is different from most of the country's 10000+ engineering institutions, and is broad based to prepare students for leadership roles whatever career track they choose. Besides engineering, students are also exposed to the Creative Art and Liberal Art (CALA) courses apart from being able to participate in a variety of extra-curricular activities. CALA course offerings include Performing Arts, painting and sketching, finance, economics among many others.

The curriculum is divided institute core (IC), professional core (PC), departmental electives (PE) and open electives (OE). IC and PC courses build the base whilestudents create their very own set of courses from DE and OE courses to extend the base. Details are available here

IIT Bhilai is presently in its transit campus in Raipur which is the capital of Chhattisgarh. The permanent campus of IIT Bhilai is expected to come up in next two to three years at Bhilai in Durg district of Chhattisgarh. This campus is adjacent to one of the largest steel plant of India – Bhilai Steel Plant, under Steel Authority of India Ltd. (SAIL).

(Disclaimer: Please note that getting admission to an IIT would depend on your rank, choice filling and seat allocation. Making enquires does not guarantee admission. Please note that the final decision of choices is yours.)

Regarding advice on which branch you are eligible for, which IIT you are eligible for etc.: You should fill in the choices that interest you the most according to your eligibility. You are encouraged to fill in a large number of choices for different branches in many IITs in the order of your preference.

You may collect information about curriculum of each discipline/branch from the websites of various IITs. You may also talk to your school seniors who are already studying in IITs. You should make your decision based on information so collected and your own interest.

There are two parts to this question. All departments are good if you are passionate about it and learn well. Your priority may change once you join an IIT and may opt for other options such as further education, starting your own venture.

Depends on JEE Rank, choices, different IITs – all IITs give a good education.

Absolutely; if you put in hard work, you can cope in any branch. Every branch has plenty of scope for women to succeed and flourish. There are girls in every branch across IITs.

The classes will be conducted in English, although teachers usually conduct classes in mixed language - English and Hindi. We recognize that some of you may not be very comfortable with English. There are courses that run specifically for helping students improve their English in IIT Bhilai and almost all IITs.

First year courses are common to all BTech students that include build languages of various disciplines and other fundamental courses.

You can check details here.

Depends on your performance in the first year; less than 10% get to change their branch. Process is advertised at the end of the first year.

MCM (means cum merit) scholarships are granted to needy students. Many banks provide loans to students. Under Vidya Luxmi scheme of the government, IIT Bhilai pays a part of the interest.

Dramatics, Robotics, Literary, Debating, Music and many others. NSS, Sports and many other opportunities to participate in extra-curricular activities, to develop leadership qualities, hone skills etc. There are various student festivals including academic festivals.

BTech programs have around 10% girls. We would like the number and proportion to go up, hence the supernumerary seats.

Around 10%.

Any branch can yield a good job provided you do well; you can also go for higher studies in IIT, elsewhere in India, or abroad.

There are two girls hostel situated near the faculty residential area. In the first year 3 girls are accommodated in a room. Later they get single rooms.

At the time when the session starts in July, there are many shops/stalls set up near the hostels which sell these things. So these can be easily purchased on campus.

There is no curfew on students residing in the two girls’ hostels. Students going out of the hostel after 10 pm are usually requested by the women security guards to enter their potential whereabouts in the register. They are free to go in and out of the hostel throughout the day and night.

Regarding facilities in the hostels, apart from reading rooms, sports facilities, gym, dining facility, laundry, and common room. There is also a night canteen.

IIT Bhilai is a fully residential campus and every student necessarily lives on the campus. Living in the hostel helps students to organize activities after regular office hours and participate in campus activities for all-round development.

Yes, boys and girls can visit each others’ hostels at designated times and in designated spaces.

Each hostel has a warden. They may or may not stay on the hostel premises; if they do not, they are always available over phone and they visit hostels regularly.

There is a full time professional counsellors to help the students who seek assistance on a range of issues to deal with problems in their lives.

The Institute also has a zero tolerance towards sexual harassment and a comprehensive policy has been formulated to confidentially act on any complaints.

IIT Bhilai has a very strong mentorship program. A faculty member and a senior student become your mentor for the entire duration of the program.

There is a primary health care facility on campus. Every day, a doctor is available in the morning hours. Lady doctor visits on alternate days. One female and one male staff nurses are available 24*7. An ambulance is also available 24*7. AIIMS Raipur and many other hospitals are nearby. The parents are also contacted if needed.

Yes, they can. IIT Bhilai has an open door policy. Students interact with faculty members and office bearers freely.

You can get text books from the library, though the library may have only limited copies. Some students like to possess books they study while others like to manage. Choice is really yours.

Faculty members and Director reside on the campus itself and they are available for assistance. Our campus security is here for 24*7 support. Senior students also support the new students to get acquainted with the city and campus life - through the Mentorship program. If you want to raise a complaint, you will be supported too. We also have an Anti-ragging unit for support in campus.

Raipur is capital of Chhattisgarh. If you search for the question above on the Internet, you get a sense that it is safe. In rare case, if you feel unsafe, ask for help. Do not keep it to yourself. It's important to remember it's never your fault that you have been subjected to inappropriate behavior. So we should voice it out, share with others, call out for help.

This is absolutely your choice. Every IIT is a premier institution providing an enriching learning experience. IITs prepare you to take on all challenges.

If you join a new IIT, you will be helping build an institution while benefiting from the IIT brand and a sound education. All IITs have equally well-qualified faculty; the facilities are evolving continuously.

We have a holiday list and an academic calendar that highlights the monthly holidays, semester breaks and long vacation like one in summer and winter. The calendar is available on the website of the Institute.

There is a policy against ragging and every students signs a letter to the effect that they will not participate in ragging. Everybody is vigilant to prevent any attempt of ragging. A reported case of ragging is dealt with strictly.

From this year, we have the supernumerary calculations (one can read more on visit the JoSAA website

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Message From Director

I am pleased to extend my greetings to students and their parents as well as colleagues near and far. IIT Bhilai was established on 7 August 2016. We are located in Chhattisgarh, the rice bowl of India, in a state rich in natural resources as well as cultural memory and heritage. Read More


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