Apart from general books, textbooks and reference books, the Central Library of IIT Bhilai stores and displays the publications, contributed by faculty members, staff, research scholars, and UG and PG students of IIT Bhilai, as a measure to highlight the hard work involved in the publication, spread the word regarding the publication, and to share the knowledge with others.

Publications from IIT Bhilai Family:

Title Author(s)
Conflict-Free Coloring: Graphs of Bounded Clique-Width and Intersection Graphs Sriram Bhyravarapu, Tim A. Hartmann, Hung P. Hoang, Subrahmanyam Kalyanasundaram, I. Vinod Reddy
Boosting Thermoelectric Performance in Nanocrystalline Ternary Skutterudite Thin Films through Metallic CoTe2 Integration Bhawna Jarwal, Suman Abbas, Ta-Lei Chou, Suneesh M. Vailyaveettil, Ashutosh Kumar, Shaham Quadir, Thi-Thong Ho, Deniz P. Wong, Li-Chyong Chen, and Kuei-Hsien Chen
Leptogenesis in a Left-Right Symmetric Model with double seesaw Utkarsh Patel, Pratik Adarsh, Sudhanwa Patra, and Purushottam Sahu
Live Demonstration: IoT based smart vertical farming framework with sensor network and mobile application for real-time monitoring Ankita Awasthi, Astha Rangare, Roshni Kaushik, Jose Immanuel
Vulnerability of Dynamic Masking in Test Compression Yogendra Sao, Debanka Giri, Soham Saha, and Sk Subidh Ali
Security Analysis of Scan Obfuscation Techniques Yogendra Sao and Sk Subidh Ali
DefScan: Provably Defeating Scan Attack on AES-like Ciphers Yogendra Sao, Sk. Subidh Ali, and Bodhisatwa Mazumdar
Improvement in transient and steady state response of a buck converter by designing optimal fractional order controllers using GA and MA Ujjwal Bhardwaj, Agniv Tapadar, Avishek Adhikary
Optimization of Mechanical Properties of Natural and Synthetic Fiber-based Polymer Matrix Hybrid Composites: An AHP-TOPSIS Approach Rajesh Kumar Dewangan, Samarjit Singh, Biplab Das, Pankaj Kumar Gupta, Shweta Singh
Influence of Stacking Sequence and Orientation on Tensile and Flexural Properties of Jute/glass/carbon Fiber Epoxy-based Hybrid Composites Rajesh Kumar Dewangan, Samarjit Singh , Biplab Das, Manish Bhaskar, Pradeep Patanwar, Pankaj Kumar Gupta, Sung Soo Han, and Rakesh Bhaskar
Temperature independent resistorless CMOS voltage reference Munna Kumar Singh
A robust BCNMCC based variance smoothing approach for SPV based grid integrated EV battery charging system Kalash Srivastava, Shailendra Kumar, Rakesh Maurya
Improved vμ-LMS-Controlled Single-Phase Grid Tied PV Powered Electric Vehicle Battery System with High Gain DC-DC Converter and Power Management Pavan Prakash Gupta, Ramesh Kumar Tripathi & Shailendra Kumar
Power Quality Signal Conditioning and Mitigation by using LMSEXF Based Control Strategy for Grid-Tied PV Assisted EV Charging Station Dulichand Jaraniya and Shailendra Kumar
Shear viscosity expression for a graphene system in relaxation time approximation Cho Win Aung , Thandar Zaw Win , Gaurav Khandal, and Sabyasachi Ghosh
Effect of time-varying electromagnetic field on Wiedemann-Franz law in a hot hadronic matter Kamaljeet Singh , Jayanta Dey , and Raghunath Sahoo
Spatial diffusion of heavy quarks in a background magnetic field Sarthak Satapathy, Sudipan De, Jayanta Dey, and Sabyasachi Ghosh
On structural parameterizations of load coloring I. Vinod Reddy
Urban Ambivalence: Work and Home at Delhi's Margin Anubhav Pradhan

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