IIT Bhilai celebrated the ‘International Day of Yoga’ on 21 st June, 2018. This is the first time IIT Bhilai independently organized the ‘International Day of Yoga’. Since, 21 st June is the longest day of the year in the Northern Hemisphere and has unique significance in many parts of the world, and hence this date is selected for the ‘International Day of Yoga’. the initiative of ‘International Day of Yoga’ was taken by our Prime Minister Sri Narendra Modi and was supported by more than 177 countries including USA, Canada and China.

All faculty, students, staff members of IIT Bhilai, along with their family members participated the event with full enthusiasm. The event was started at 6:30 AM in the morning and finished at 8:00 AM.

The event of ‘International Day of Yoga’ at IIT Bhilai started with the lightning of lamp, by Prof. Rajat Moona (Director of IIT Bhilai), Mrs. Rajni Moona, Dr. Satyajit Gupta (Faculty In Charge, Sports), Mr. Vikas Taywade (Yoga Instructor, IIT Bhilai) and Dr. Sumit Tiwari (Sports coach)

Dr. Satyajit Gupta welcomed the gathering. Then Mrs. Rajni Moona delivered a speech on ‘Yoga-A Way of Life’ where she explained how Yogic practice can advance the quality of daily life. Afterwards, Prof. Rajat Moona explained the importance of Yoga in today’s life. Prof. Moona discussed about various kind of Yoga practices such as Hatha Yoga, Vinyasa Yoga, Vikram Yoga and their spiritual importance.

Yoga prayer was then conducted by Mr. Vikas Taywade. Various yoga practices such as Sadilaja, Surya Namaskar, Asanas, Pranayamas, Chaalan Kriyas, Yogaasana, Kapaalabhaati, Pranayama and Dyyana was demonstrated by the institute Yoga instructor, Mr. Vikas Taywade. All the participants followed him. Finally, the Yoga session was finished with Sankalpa and Santih Path.

Furthermore, there was a Yoga demonstration by the students of IIT Bhilai. Finally, the event of ‘International Day of Yoga’ ended with the plantation of ‘bottle palm tree’, in the garden of IIT Bhilai.

Message From Director

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