G20 : Lecture Series
Cyber Security through Quantum Goggles
Friday, 3 March 2023
Dr Goutam Paul
Associate Professor and Head
Cryptology and Security Research Unit, Indian Statistical Institute

Dr Paul acquainted the audience with the history of cybersecurity, while also detailing the journey of cryptography from classical antiquity to quantum technology. He highlighted the distinguishing factors which will allow us to make our data more secure. Various applications of technology in the context of current security and privacy issues in the public and private domains were also discussed with reference to practical scenarios. The lecture addressed critical issues such as cyberbullying, human trafficking, cyber terrorism, and various other life-altering events. The need for trust, honesty, and respect, which are the fundamental pillars for the wholesome development of all human societies, were emphasized in the concluding remarks of the lecture.

Macroeconomic policy cooperation among G20 countries
Wednesday, 15 March 2023
Prof Pradyumna Dash
Professor of Economics
Indian Institute of Management Raipur

Dash described the tremendous role played by the G20 in facilitating cooperation on monetary and fiscal policy during the Great Recession of 2008-09 and the COVID-19 recession. The audience were also provided with essential insights into the importance of bolstering the efficiency of fiscal and monetary policy cooperation on the global stage. Although the level of cooperation amongst G20 nations during periods of comparative peace and stability leaves more to be desired, especially in the context of emerging markets and developing economies (EMDE), Prof Dash concluded by iterating that cooperation is the need of the hour to ensure stability and growth in the global economic order.

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