Why IIT Bhilai?

IIT Bhilai is a young burgeoning IIT that has made an impact in every field in its very first few years of establishment and would continue to do so.

IIT Bhilai is 20th member of the IIT fraternity.It has incorporated a fractal system of academics. The academics at IIT Bhilai is unquestionably robust and booming. Within a short span of few months, it has attracted the best young faculty members who have done their PhDs from across the world. The faculty strength continues to grow every month.

The institute has every facility to support academics and research. The highlights include Digital Fabrication Lab, DIY Training Lab and Automation Systems Lab.

A student would get every opportunity to manifest his/her talents and inventiveness. The Institute has various clubs thriving at a fervent pace- coding, music, dance, oratory etc. IIT Bhilai has also launched its annual technical festival TechMaitry.

A lot of things run in a student’s mind before joining an institute. To quench your curiosity, the news and media team of IIT Bhilai, Inside Club, and the web developer team have launched Student Mentorship Program Polaris to answer all your queries and concerns.

Message From Director

IIT Bhilai is striving for research-driven undergraduate and postgraduate education. Our objective is to create an education system with multifacet outcomes including research, entrepreneurship, technical leadership, and above all, responsible citizenship. Read More


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