Quantum expression for the electrical conductivity of massless quark matter and of the hadron resonance gas in the presence of a magnetic field

Dr. Sabyasachi Ghosh and his past PhD students - Dr. Jayanta Dey and Sarthak Satapathy, who are doing their Post-Doctoral research at IIT Indore and Dinabandhu Mahavidyalaya, WBSU respectively and other collaborators have recently (31 October 2022) published their work in the Physical Review C journal. Their theoretical investigation indicates the quantum aspect of magnetic field, known as Landau quantization, which may be observed in the relativistic matter, created in the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) experiments at CERN, Switzerland. This baby-universe-like tiny matter within 10-15 metre space and 10-23 second time may face a huge magnetic field - 1014 Tesla, which may be considered as the highest accessible magnetic field on our earth as well as the universe. In presence of this huge magnetic field, the classical cyclotron orbits of charge particles of the relativistic matter can be quantized (see left-upper figure), which can modify its conductivity (see right-lower figure).

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