Author Workshop organized by Wiley at IIT Bhilai

On 5th December, 2018, ‘Wiley’ organized ‘Authors Workshop’ at IIT Bhilai

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‘Wiley’ is one of the largest publication house in the world, serving as a key resource of knowledge for more than 200 years. The ‘Wiley’ publications are helpful for research community in various disciplines across the world. As a premier educational Institute in the country, IIT Bhilai is actively involved in research activities in many areas of Science and Engineering. On behalf of ‘Wiley’, Mr. Yateendra Joshi, Mr. Rahul Dasgupta, and Mr. Nitheen Patric were present at IIT Bhilai to conduct the ‘Author Workshop’.

Mr. Suyash Kandele (PhD student) welcomed the ‘Wiley’ team, all the faculty members, students and staff members. Prof. Rajat Moona gave an inauguration speech, were he briefly discussed about the importance of Journal publication and how scientific publications evolved in the past few years.

Mr. Yateendra Joshi conducted the workshop on behalf of ‘Wiley Publication House’. Mr. Joshi, who worked as a scientist at ICAR, NCL, IISER, is a member of the editing office, Automium Culture (Brussels) and member of the Editorial Board of Information Design Journal. Mr. Joshi discussed about the critical steps towards writing a manuscript including:

• How to structure a manuscript

• How to select a journal and prepare a submission package

• How to respond to reviewer comments

The workshop was an important and beneficial event for the research scholars and M.Tech students of IIT Bhilai, who are already engaged in doing research. The workshop was co-ordinated by Dr. Satyajit Gupta.

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