IIT Bhilai creates a new record by conducting 50-day Yoga campaign.

IIT Bhilai witnessed enthusiastic participation during the 50-days' campaign towards a holistic journey for a peaceful mind in a healthy body. The word ‘yoga’ derives from Sanskrit and means to join or to unite, symbolising the union of a person’s body and consciousness.

The 50 days’ public movement for health started at IIT Bhilai on 2nd May 2019. Daily Yoga practice and meditation sessions were conducted in the premises for 50 days. A series of competitions were organised during the 50-day campaign for all. The faculty members, staff and students enthusiastically participated in Essay competition, Yoga Quiz and Yoga Championships.

On 21st June, International Day of Yoga, a grand yoga programme was organised in the Academic Block of IIT Bhilai. The programme was graced by Prof. Rajat Moona (Director, IIT Bhilai), Mrs. Rajni Moona, Dr. Veena Bansal and Dr. Suchetan Pal.

The programme, lasting about an hour was conducted under the supervision of a yoga instructor Mr. Vikas Taywade, that included an overview of the benefits of yoga and demonstration of the important asanayas and postures. There was an impressive display of yogic talents at yoga competition by the students. The winners of the various competition were awarded with certificate and prizes.

The IDY Yoga celebrations at IIT Bhilai not only enabled the unity of mind, body and soul of the entire IIT fraternity but also this unique endeavour filled the body with mystical powers, such as focus, mental strength and a great presence of mind.

Message From Director

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